Dilog DLPT PAT Tester Bundles! | Direct Calibration Solutions

Dilog DLPT PAT Tester Bundles! | Direct Calibration Solutions

January 25, 2016

Direct Calibration Solutions are proud to introduce the new line of PAT Testers from Di-Log!

The latest PAT testers to hit the market are Di-Log's DLPT range. With affordability in mind, Di-Log have entered the PAT testing market offering simplicity in a compact, handheld and battery powered design with straight forward automatic testing at the touch of a button. These testers offer the same great quality as Seaward's Primetest range but at Di-Log prices!

Both Portable Appliance Testers offer the user all of the mandatory tests outlined in the 4th edition of the 'In Service Inspection & Testing' code of practice.

Di-Log DLPT1 PAT Tester

The DLPT1 is designed to be a low cost, entry level, battery operated PAT tester capable of performing the above mentioned mandatory tests. With its simple three button configuration, the user is able to perform automated Class I, Class II, and Cord tests. Simply connect the PAT tester to the appliance under test and select the test sequence required for the appliance. This PAT tester is capable of testing Earth Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Substitute Earth Leakage and polarity.

Di-Log DLPT2 PAT Tester

The DLPT2 on the other hand doesn't just offer the mandatory tests outlined in the 'In Service Inspection & Testing' code of practise, it offers the user the ability to carry out ALL tests stated in the code. Such tests include PE Conductor Current (Earth Leakage), Surface Leakage, RCD Testing and selectable 250V Insulation testing for surge protected items.

DLPT Bundles

For a limited time only we will supply a FREE DLPT KIT - accessory pack worth £272 with each order offering you a quality PAT Testing kit with great value for money. This will give you:

  • 110V Adaptor
  • PrimeTest Check Box
  • PAT Guard 3 Elite (1 Year Licence) Software Package
  • 500 PASS Labels
  • PAT Log Book
  • Guide to PAT Testing
  • Product Training Voucher
  • Durable Nylon Carry Case with Shoulder Strap

Buy the DLPT1 Bundle - £320+vat

Buy the DLPT2 Bundle - £400+vat

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