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Microwave & RF Calibration

Our capabilities in the field of Microwave & RF allow us to measure RF frequencies up to 20GHz and generate frequencies up to 18GHz. This broad frequency range allows us to test most frequency counters, arbitrary waveform generators, function generators and signal generators as well as spectrum analysers up to 18GHz.
Further to these capabilities, we are also able to test RF Power meters and RF Power Sensors up to 18GHz with RF Level measurements between -70dB and +13dB. Some calibration companies require the sensor to be sent in with the power meter. We understand this can sometimes be tricky to do and as such, have invested in calibration equipment so that you can send your HP or Agilent sensors in separately. 
On top of frequency and RF level generation and measurement, we can also generate and measure signal distortion as well as phase, frequency and amplitude modulation.
All of these capabilities can also be replicated in an onsite environment which saves your equipment being put at risk of damage during transit as well as limiting downtime.
Request a quote today or call us on 01293 387107 to see how we can meet your Microwave & RF calibration requirements!

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