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Torque, Force & Crimp Tool Calibration

Torque Calibration

Our torque analysers, manufactured by industry leading torque wrench and torque analyser manufacturer Norbar, enable us to test a wide range of torque wrenches and analysers up to 350Nm. Our equipment is calibrated for both clockwise and anti-clockwise torque which enables us to extend this level of service onto you, the customer. 

Force Calibration

Our Mecmesin force set up allows us to measure tension and compression up to 1000N. This capability lends itself well to measuring mass from 1kg to 100kg. Our Force set up also allows for the calibration of force gauges up to 1000N.

Crimp Tool Calibration

Crimp tools are designed to terminate wiring into connectors of varying shapes and sizes and because of the applications they lend themselves to, there is a danger of bad quality crimped connections causing fire. Because of this, the British Standards Institute (BSI) has published documents on what properties a good crimped connection should have. The wire gauge being used, and the number of strands contained within the wire determines what the pull strength, mV drop and contact resistance should be.
Customers are asked to send in their crimp tools along with three samples of crimped wire roughly 150mm long. The results of the tests conducted on the three samples will determine if the crimp tool passes calibration.
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