Fluke 414D


Product Information


Fluke 414D - Laser Distance Meter

A brilliant laser distance meter made for professionals. It has a easy-to-use interface with simple operations and an accurate system that ensures all measurements gained are as accurate as possible.

The device also makes use of laser technology to accurately pinpoint distances, and provides a simple, one-button press measurement function that allows users to measure accurately the distance between two objects within 2mm.


Key Features

• Advanced, intuitive laser technology allows users to accurately measure distances of up to 50m

• One button press is all it takes to measure

• High accuracy – measurements are taken within 2mm

• Bright laser so you can always see exactly where you are pinpointing

• Quickly calculates area and volume

• Addition, subtraction and Pythagoras functions

• Internal storage allows storage of five test results (handy when you haven’t got your notepad!)

• Long battery life – the Fluke 414D easily lasts up to 3000 measurements and will shut itself down when inactive for an extended period

• Display hold and two-line display


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