Fluke 419D


Product Information


Fluke 419D - Laser Distance Meter

The 419D improves upon the abilities of the 414D by adding an extra 30 meters to the measurement capabilities of the device by means of a more powerful laser, It can maintain an accuracy of 1mm up to 80 Meters


Key features,

• Accurately measures up to 80m with an accuracy level of within 1mm

• Three-line, backlit display for easy data analysis

• Pythagoras function ensures you can calculate height measurements

• Stores up to 20 displays with quick recall

• Keypad beeps so you know you’ve pressed something

• Minimum and maximum functions

• Can be mounted onto a tripod for extra stability

• Stake Out feature allows you to mark out defined lengths

• Automated End-Piece Correction for taking corner measurements into consideration

• Environmentally protected – has an IP54 rating

• Battery lasts even longer and can comfortably survive 5000 measurements without dying

• Also includes laser off and auto power off features


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