Fluke 424D


Product Information


Fluke 424D - Laser Distance Meter

This is the highest accuracy distance meter that fluke make in its 400 Series range, It is a must have when you need to measure distances in complex situations and its so easy to use!

This little gem can measure up to an incredible 100 Meters which maintaining a accuracy to within 1mm, It comes with a back light and enhanced pythagoras calculations with 20 record memory and tripod compatible.


Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter Key Features

• Massive distance range – can comfortably measure up to 100m

• Extremely high accuracy – readings gained are usually with 1mm

• 4-line display fills the device’s screen with data for comprehensive analysis

• 2 laser technology ensures accuracy of measurements

• Audible keypad feedback

• Environmental protection

• Easily lasts up to 5000 measurements without the batteries dying

• Auto off features ensure power is saved when the device isn’t in use

• Inclination sensor assists the user with height tracking, levelling, and indirect horizontal distance measurements when line-of-sight is blocked by an obstacle

• Corner angle feature allows you to easily determine the exact angle of a corner

• Compass integration allows you to determine which way you’re facing


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