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Fluke 566 - IR Thermometer

The Fluke 566 is a dual purpose digital thermometer that can be used to either gain full contact measurements of temperature or alternatively can be used at a distance to read the surface of areas where it isn't practically for the use to get near without risk of injury.

Although not as effective at measuring temperature as its bigger brother, the Fluke 568, the 566 is still a highly useful device that can be used to measure temperature across a wide range. When using the devices' IR mode it can measure temperature from -40 to 650°C (-40 to 1202°F) and features a 30:1 distance-spot-ratio which allows measurements to be carried out at a distance. By connecting a type K thermocouple to this unit the Fluke 566 is also capable of carrying out full-contact temperature measurements between a range of -40 to 260°C (-40 to 500°F).

In order to make gaining IR temperature measurements as easy as possible the Fluke 566 is designed to be help comfortably in the hand, even when wearing thick gloves. Its design is pistol-shaped, allowing users to point the thermometer exactly where they need and line up their shot via the use of a built-in laser function.

The thermometer is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, whether its measuring temperature inside an airduct, measuring the temperature output of pipes, checking electrical components and much more.

This infrared thermometer also comes with a number of additional functions such as a high quality dot matrix display, dual backlight functions, adjustable emissivity and datalogging capabilities. The user of the device can also adjust the devices' high and low alarms, which will sound when a temperature below or above a set limit is detected.

Fluke 566 Infrared Thermometer Key Features

  • User selectable ºC or ºF
  • Laser sighting for accuracy (<5.0 meters)
  • Optical Resolution: 30:1
  • Backlit LCD display
  • MIN/MAX/Average and DIF measurements
  • Adjustable emissivity for higher IR accuracy
  • Includes thermocouple: Bead probe
  • Compatibility with other K-type thermocouples
  • Hi/Low alarm when measurements exceed pre-set limits
  • Data Logging with date/time stamp: 20 points
  • Wide temperature range from -40º to 650ºC
  • 12 hour battery life (2 AA batteries)
  • Multi-language menu display
  • Two years warranty

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