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Fluke 62 Max + - IR Thermometer

Handle without care! Rugged and durable, the Fluke 62 MAX+ is optimised for use in industrial conditions and resists damage from dust, water and drops from a height of up to 3m.

The 62 MAX+ is the upgraded version of the standard Fluke 62 MAX. The main difference between the two IR thermometers is the 62 MAX+'s dual rotating lasers, making it significantly easier to determine a measurement target.

The Fluke 62 MAX+ also has wider measurement range than the standard Fluke 62 MAX - it can read temperature from -30 to 650°C with high accuracy of within ±1.0°C.

Using the Fluke 62 MAX+ is simple and comfortable. The thermometer is pistol-shaped, compact and fits snugly in the hand, making it easy to make a precision measurement. A large, backlit screen is also built into the thermometer, making it ideal for use in darkened condtions.

Additional functions of this thermometer include MIN/MAX/AVG/DIF measurements and configurable high/low alarms.

  • Fluke 62 MAX + Infrared Thermometer Key Features

    • Dual laser technology – exclusive to this model, the dual rotating laser show a measurement area clearly as the spot between the lasers.
    • Measurement range of -30 to 650°C (-22 to 1202°F
    • Precise, accurate temperature measurements from a distance
    • Dust and water resistant – rated to IP54
    • Can easily survive drops from up to 3meters and keep on working
    • Minimum, maximum, average and difference functions
    • Alarm lets you know about sudden drops and spikes in temperature that are outside the norm
    • Redesigned to fit more snugly in the hand than previous models

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