Testo 175T3


Product Information


Testo 175T3, 2-channel Temperature data logger with external sensor connections (TC Type T and Type K). If you need to measure the temperature in two places at once using thermocouples then this is the bit of kit for you!

Perfect for many systems that may need input and output temperatures measured weather it be in the heating, refrigeration, flow industry etc. It can give measurements simultaneously displayed on the two line display this package include a wall holder, lock, batteries and calibration protocol.

USB cable not included. Requires USB connection cable 0449 0047 to download data from the data logger to a PC.


• integrated USB and SD card interface for reading out data

• Large memory for 2 million measurement values - large, easily legible display

• Simultaneous monitoring and recording of two temperature measurement sites

• Easy monitoring and documentation, e.g. of flow and return temperature of a heating system


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