Testo 176P1


Product Information


The Testo 176P1 is a 5-channel pressure, temperature and humidity data logger with internal sensor (absolute pressure) and external sensor connections (NTC/capacitive humidity sensor). If you need a good all round instrument for the measurement of ambient conditions and for them to be documented then look no further! This unit would be great in many laboratory set-ups or just for use in you average office environment.

When purchasing the unit the unit it will come with a wall holder, lock, battery and calibration protocol.

USB cable not included. Requires USB connection cable 0449 0047 to download data from the data logger to a PC.


• High level of data security

• Internal absolute pressure sensor and connection possibility for two external temperature/humidity probes

• Stores 2 million measurement values

• Up to 8 years' battery life

• Data transfer via USB cable or SD card


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