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New: Testo 184 G1 Temperature, Humidity and Shock Data Logger

Perfect for temperature, humidity and impact monitoring in the cold chain and transportation sectors.

This logger comes with a 5 point electrical calibration, included on the logger as a pdf. 

Whether you work in the food or pharmaceutical industry, both have refrigeration requirements in transport and the management of the cold chain process between manufacturer and customer. Accurate monitoring and avoiding interruption of the cold chain process is important for Quality Control, Avoiding Financial Loss and Protecting the health of the consumer or patient.

With the testo 184 data loggers, you can monitor every step of the cold chain. The Data Loggers travel on your behalf in freight and loading rooms to monitor temperatures, humidity and shock/impact during the transport of sensitive goods on rail, in the air or on the road.

At their destination, you can see at a glance whether the configured limit values have been maintained and adhered to. For instant, detailed information you can connect the 184 data logger to a PC and produce a PDF report immediately.

All required files and information are stored directly and securely in the testo 184 to make your work easier and more efficient (Configuration file, calibration certificate (testo 184 T1 to T4 only), instruction manual and PDF report of your recorded measurement data).

  • All-in-one Temperature, Humidity & Shock Data Logger
  • Clear indication of alarms and alerts
  • Easy, Intuitive Operation
  • Quick and Easy Configuration
  • Clear PDF Readout and Reporting
  • Mobile On-site Readout and Printout
  • Secure IT Integration with no Installation

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