Testo 605H2


Product Information


Testo 605H2 - Mini Thermal hygrometer comes with 3 AAA batteries, attachment clip, instruction manual. This is ideal for evaluating ambient conditions in the workplace or at home. This unit can provide humidity measurements with a 3% accuracy and air temperature to 0.5°C it can also provide wet bulb calculations for room measurements. There is a rotating cap to protect the sensor to ensure correct measurements.


• Compact design - easy to fit into difficult applications such as air ducts

• Long length sensing probe - makes it easier to gain a measurement

• Measure air temperature from 0 to +50°C

• Measure air humidity from +5 to 95% RH

• Approximate 1000 hour battery life

• Rotatable protective cap protects from dirt/impact

• Display can be rotated into different positions for easier viewing


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