Testo 830-T2 Infrared Thermometer


Product Information

The Testo 830 is a universally applicable infrared thermometer for non-contact measurement of surface temperatures in trade and industry. Thanks to a new processor, and therefore better resolution, even more precise measurements are now possible. Temperature can now be recorded to an accuracy of 0.1 °C. Thanks to the min./max. function, the limit values of the last measurement can be displayed and even better monitored.
The Testo 830 infrared thermometers in brief: 
  • Testo 830-T1 with 1-point laser measurement spot marking and 10:1 optics. 
  • Testo 830-T2 with 2-point laser measurement spot marking and 12:1 optics.
  • Testo 830-T4 with 2-point laser measurement spot marking and 30:1 optics. This instrument measures the surface temperature even of smaller objects at a safe distance. External temperature probes can be connected.

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