Testo 925 Thermometer


Product Information

Please Note: The Testo 925 Thermometer will not function without a probe. If you require probes, please select them from the drop down boxes above. Please use the product specification to assist you in choosing the correct probe(s). If you require more probes, please call us.
The testo 925 is a 1-channel temperature measuring instrument which is particularly suitable for applications in the HVAC field. The instrument is optimum for the connection of fast and reliable thermocouple probes. Using measurement data transfer by radio, the measurement value of a further temperature probe can be additionally displayed wirelessly. The protective cover TopSafe ensures water- and dirt-proofness when a probe is connected. The instrument reliably and continuously displays the minimum and maximum measurement values. The measurement values shown in the display (current measurement value, frozen measurement value, or the minimum/maximum values) can be printed out via the Testo report printer (optional). The user can store limit values in the instrument himself; as soon as these upper and lower values are violated, an audible signal sounds.

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