TTI 1705



Product Information


TTi 1705 - Dual Measurement LCD Bench Multimeter

The 1705 has both a main display and a secondary display to show the selected range in addition to the measurement units or to display a measurement in two different units like A.C Volts and dBm etc. This unit has a 12000 count display and a resolution of 10uV. 10mR and 0.1uA. Please see the data sheet for more information.



  • 4.25 digit dual LCD
  • Dual 12,000 count, auto/manual ranging
  • Accuracy and resolution: 0.04%, 10uV, 10mOhm
  • Dual displays & dual measurement technology
  • True RMS ac functions, Frequ., Capacitance
  • Wide range of computing functions e.g. Ax + B
  • RS232 interface standard, GPIB optional
  • Mains and battery operation as standard


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