Product Information

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PL303QMT-P Power Supply, Three output's 30V/3A/6A -6V/8A - USB/RS232/LAN(LXI)/Analog - GPIB Optional

The PL303QMT-P offers three full-performance linearly regulated outputs in a compact format. Unlike many triple output PSUs, the third output has fully variable voltage and current with high resolution and selectable remote sense. Voltage is variable from 0V to 6V with 1mV resolution, and current is fully variable up to 8A with 1mA or 0.1mA resolution. All of the normal facilities including S-Lock and V-Span are included.


  • Linear regulation provides ultra-low noise
  • Highly compact (¼ rack 3U) with small bench footprint
  • True analogue controls with advanced digital features
  • Settings can be locked at the touch of a button
  • 4 digit voltage and current meters on each output
  • Low current range with 0.1mA resolution
  • Constant voltage or constant current operation
  • Independent, tracking or true parallel modes
  • Analogue remote control
  • RS-232, USB, GPIB and LAN/LXI interfaces

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