TTi TF930



Product Information


TF930 3GHz high resolution Frequency Counter

This unit has a high quality temperature compensated internal frequency reference (TCXO). It is stable to 1ppm over the full temperature range. This unit can read between 0.001Hz to 3GHz using the overlapping frequency ranges.

The TG930 is able to become battery operated when needed. a great function built into a Bench frequency counter able to operate 24 before charging. An A.C. universal adaptor will be supplier with the unit and take 4 hours to fully charge the batteries. The unit also incorporates a USB interface so it can be controlled using RS232 protocol via a computers USB.

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  • 0.001Hz to > 3000MHz or 6000MHz frequency range
  • Frequency, period, pulse width, duty cycle, frequency ratio and event counting modes
  • High performance temperature compensated timebase
  • Reciprocal measurement technique gives superior resolution
  • High input sensitivity over the full frequency range
  • High impedance DC coupled input up to 125MHz
  • Variable trigger threshold and switchable attenuator
  • Large 10 digit LCD display with annunciators
  • Operation from built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Low power consumption gives up to 24 hours operation
  • Remote control and readback via USB interface


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