TTI TG1006



Product Information


TTi TG1006 - 10MHz DDS Function Generator with Counter

The TG1006 is 1 Channel 10MHz great low cost DDS function generator.This unit generates wave forms using a phase accumulator, a look up table and a DAC. This unit offers exceptional accuracy, stability, high spectral purity and low phase noise.

This unit features a 120MHz counter built into it. Saving you money and space!

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• 0.001Hz to 10MHz frequency range

• 6 digits or 1mHz resolution

• 1ppm stability and 10ppm one year accuracy

• Low distortion, high spectral purity sine waves

• Internal phase continuous sweep, lin or log

• Unique manual sweep gives quasi-analog control

• AM and FSK modes, frequency list (10 steps)

• 2mV to 20V pk-pk from 50 or 600 Ohms

• Built-in seven digit 120MHz frequency counter

• Low cost


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