TTi TG2511A



Product Information


TTi TG2511A - Function Generator

This single channel Function/Arbitrary/Pulse generator is one of the best low cost generators on the market function for function. This 25MHz Generator has a USB flash drive incorporated in the front of the unit, Which when connected to flash memory disk drives can store up to 1000 waveforms and up to 1000 set ups.

Please see product specification for more information!



• Standard waveforms: sine, square, ramp, pulse, sin(x)/x, noise, exponential, logarithmic, PRBS

• One channel

• Full waveform amplitude available over the full frequency range

• 0.001mHz to 25MHz range; 14 digits or 1uHz resolution.

• Standard waveforms include sine, square, ramp, pulse, sin(x)/x, noise, exponential, logarithmic and PRBS.

• True pulse generator with variable delay and variable rise/fall.

• Arbitrary waveforms of up to 128K points at up to 125MS/s

• Waveform storage using USB flash drives.

• Large graphic LCD with simultaneous text and waveform display.

• Comprehensive internal and external digital modulations including AM, FM, PM, PWM, FSK, BSPK, Sum and PRBS.

• 20mV to 20V pk-pk output from 50Ohms ; plus multi function aux. out.

• Storage for multiple instrument set-ups in non-volatile memory.

• Waveform Manager Plus for Windows software included.

• Programmable via USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces; GPIB optional.


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